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Improving Lives through Educational Info systems and Technology Solutions, we are on the mission to making a lifelong and positive impact.

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At Edutechmall, we are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of modern life. Our mission extends beyond being just an educational tech agency; we are a versatile powerhouse, specializing in education technologies and information systems. We believe in embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology to enhance every facet of daily life.

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Get started choosing Our Services

What we do at ETM cut across various spheres & industries, We offer comprehensive Educational Consulting and Web Development services. This means we’re equipped to design, develop, provide consulting & tech services to schools, small & large scale businesses, and even beyond. >> Learn more

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Being recognized as one of Nigeria’s top-rated Ed-Tech agencies, this company offers an array of solutions that cater to diverse human needs. Personally, I have been utilizing their exceptional tech and web solutions for more than two years, and I can confidently say that I have absolutely no regrets.

Jerry, N.

Fourstreams Ministries

After discovering the ETM Travels YouTube channel, I decided to reach out to their team for assistance. Thanks to their guidance and support, I successfully navigated the process of studying abroad and embarked on an incredible journey of international education.

Yemi. O

University of Detriot, USA

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